Our Team

Delcina Brown,
Founder and Owner


Delcina's career in makeup spans nearly 25 years and is deeply rooted in the artistry of classic modern makeup due to her fundamental beliefs in enhancing each person’s own beauty. She started her career working with the Chanel brand in 1999 and then moved on to work with the Bobbi Brown brand learning fresh, clean, and modern makeup while educating clients on timeless application techniques. Delcina later moved on to work with Henri Bendel where she highlighted the artistry of such iconic beauty lines such as Laura Mercier, Kevyn Aucoin, NARS, Scott Barnes and Trish McEvoy. These lines still today influence her balance of modern and classic—Classic in its technique and timelessness, yet modern in embracing the cutting-edge technologies available in exclusive luxury products today. Delcina graduated from The Ohio State University, with a degree in Strategic Communication and an emphasis on Public Relations. She is a devoted collector of vintage make-up, beauty products and unique accessories. Delcina has traveled the world with her husband, George, and when she’s not transforming the esteem of her clients, she adores spending time with her husband and their pets at home. Delcina is a successful advanced esthetician, licensed tattoo artiste and Master Make-up Artiste visionary. Though she has worked with numerous celebrities, high-profile personnel, as well as on sets for television, E-Comm, commercials, professional photo shoots, and fashion shows, her greatest satisfaction is in making the brides she works with feel like the red carpet star on their big day. Her spa, 614 Beauty, has repeatedly won high praise and recognition within her community for her success in this endeavor. Through 614 Beauty, Delcina remains committed to each of her clients experiencing a uniquely elevated transformation process which she believes begins with an unparalleled, thoughtful beauty experience. She further understands that makeup enhances and transforms best on skin that is truly well-cared for. It is with this thoughtfulness that she has trained and studied some of the most prestigious lines of skin care in the industry of medical-grade solutions in an effort to renew a client’s most important visual feature for optimal beauty results. Lastly, Delcina endeavors to make her expertise as accessible as possible to the community she serves as she passionately offers hands-on classes which instruct how to skillfully embrace her make-up techniques and enviable life changing skincare regimens.

Marisa Grossman


Science meets art when it comes to mastering color correction on the skin and finding the perfect color that works with the undertones of one’s skin so that their real beauty can come out. That’s where Marisa comes in with nearly 25 years of in-depth experience in this pursuit of perfection. Hailing from Los Angeles, Marisa suitably mastered the Art of Color Theory so that she could teach it at the prestigious All About Face Academy in West Hollywood, CA. There she taught how to create custom-blended foundations, color corrections, finding the best tone for the skin you’ve been born with and even how to expertly cover blemishes and tattoos. While there she would attend real-world beauty shows and create looks for the runways. She has appeared as the Head Makeup Artist for fashion shows, black tie charity events, as well as events provided through the Academy including a fall beauty shoot that was prominently featured in The Columbus Dispatch. Marisa is equally skilled in SFX (special effects makeup, everyday makeup tutelage, special occasion, glamour and bridal makeup. Knowing that the makeup only looks as good as the canvas on which it’s applied, Marisa chose to pursue high-level education as an Esthetician. Today she’s in great demand for her Facials and she conducts Masterclasses on skincare regimens that are tailored to every persons individual needs. As a skincare and makeup expert Marisa is always generous with imparting her well-earned wisdom of tips and methods to her clients as if they were her dearest friends. Her demeanor calms the most stressful nerves and makes for a more enjoyable experience. She ensures that every client leaves better off mentally for having spent time with her as well as feeling their best beyond their expectation. She loves seeing this transformation and seeing the confidence unveil itself.

Michelle Brown

Master makeup artiste

28 years ago, as a budding actress, Michelle Brown was required to attend a Theater Makeup 101 class. That night changed the trajectory of her life from that of an aspiring star in front of the lights to one of fulfillment and great satisfaction behind the lights as a makeup artist. Michelle was hooked and felt like she had found her true calling in life. She eagerly pursued her education to master her craft and even grew to impress some of the biggest names in the industry being tapped to work alongside Laura Mercier in the early years of the launch of her company. Michelle also went on to freelance for brands such as Bobbi Brown and Chanel. As Michelle’s expertise grew in all the possible areas of makeup and beauty transformations her attention was directed towards creating a perfect canvas on which to work through quality skin care. For several years Michelle served as the lead makeup artist and skin care specialist for a prestigious central Ohio plastic surgeon’s office where she mastered her skillset for skin care to complement her skills in beauty revitalized. These skills were vital to complimenting the exacting work that was performed on the clientele of the office. Michelle has also taught countless master classes in both makeup techniques as well as skin care secrets to make one feel ageless. When working with Michelle you’ll no doubt be greeted by a large enveloping hug which will clearly communicate the way she intends to work with you—intimate and in a way that’s uniquely you. Her approach to all makeup is to make her clients feel wholly transformed in a way that makes them feel like their true selves while being timeless. As such you’ll discover that Michelle is a keen observer of the beauty habits of her clients and will go to great lengths to ensure that the finished transformation is one that remains true to the real beauty found within each of her subjects. A style that’s naturally enhanced without feeling heavy-handed or trendy is what each of her clients can expect to enjoy. While in high demand for working on the entire bridal party, Michelle has a special spot in her heart for working on the Mother of the Bride and/or Groom. She believes that it’s just as much a treasured day for them as it is for the bride and she’s particularly adept at creating an ageless transformation for more mature skin and looks. Michelle’s deepest and dearest wish is for each of her clients to walk away feeling transformed in the most beautiful way that they have always seen themselves. This comes from Michelle’s innate ability to really read her clients and to pick up on some of the most subtle of clues. One thing is for certain, there’s nothing subtle about the finished look that her clients walk away with. They not only end up with a flattering appearance, but they end up discovering a superpower in Michelle of keen personalization for which she’s best known.

Amber Smith


As the daughter of devoted creatives, Amber was schooled in some of the best fine arts schools available. During this time she developed a keen eye for color, detail, and technique at an early age. She has carried that keen eye and formal training into her career as a professional makeup artist and executes those skills on behalf of her clients’ desires to create beautiful, flawless looks. Her early education has led her to master the art of using her brushes as she stipples instead of swipes to get the finished, fresh look that she’s known for. She’s also not afraid to mix colors to get the perfect hue needed for her client. She deftly applies color theory to her makeup applications and the results are astounding. She’s best known for her fresh skin look that comes from her attention to complexion work and focusing on creating a true-to-skin look rather than a dull, flat look. This is the result of her keen understanding of shade and light and its impact on the skin. Her attention to detail is breathtaking. Amber has worked as a regional artist for many well-known brands such as Estee Lauder, Too Faced, CoverFx and Pur Cosmetics. She’s also been called upon to work in product education and brand training through various reputable brands as well as a mentor to beginning artists. She has done makeup for music videos, boudoir photography, high fashion shoots and commercials. When it comes to working with brides, Amber is known to be an empathetic listener who pays just as much attention to what they say as she does to the precision in which she applies their makeup. She is known for taking the high stress of the day and turning it down several notches so that the bride can breathe in the beauty and joy of their day. Brides and other clients always enjoy a relaxing makeup application with beautiful, true to themselves results.



When you meet Gaia, you’ll swear she just walked off of one of the biggest fashion runways of the world with her big city feel and swagger. When Gaia was young, she was impressed with the importance of fashion as she was raised by an oh-so-fashionable mother and grandmother. At a young age, Gaia became immersed in Vogue Magazine and fascinated with what fabrics could do for the body. Due to this love and her passion for art, it was only a matter of time before Gaia discovered that makeup could become an art unto itself. Gaia pursued her passion for makeup and fashion and worked with brands such as Sak’s 5 th Ave., Bobbi Brown, NARS, Laura Mercier, Dior, and Mac. She looked to the influences of Lisa Eldridge and Sam Fine, Today Gaia is a painter who loves to work with oil paints as well as digital painting. She loves all forms of art and fashion and immerses herself in such art forms in true fulfillment of her innate talents. Her abilities to transform a person’s best part of themselves is merely an extension of that passion for artful expression. Her artistry flows into her makeup, giving her a unique technique and skillset in the form of a great brush hand of precision and confidence. Gaia has pursued her love of the art of makeup professionally for ten years. She’s known for being able to perfectly create the intended expression of her clients. Whether it’s bridal glam, masterful theater, drag, fashion drama, runway looks, subdued photography, attention-getting editorials or printed media, Gaia nails it every time. Gaia’s dream is to make art every day in such a way that it inspires people and encourages thoughts and emotions that connect them to her artwork. She aspires for her clients to be beautiful, natural, and confident, and feel like the best version of themselves without sacrificing who they are. In addition to painting, Gaia knits and crochets. She’s a cat mom, a gamer and above all, an artist.

Erika Taft


Erika is a driving force to be reckoned with. At a young age she knew she had a talent for transforming hair into an expression of beauty and nothing was going to stop her from using that talent. So she took on her first wedding at the age of only 15. From that moment she was hooked on that special experience and wanted to repeat it over and over. She had truly found her passion. While still in high school she obtained her cosmetologist license. Not content, she pushed herself to get the attention and tutelage of some of the best hair artists in town and with their help she developed her innate talents. Her youth belies her ability to take her clients back to the old Hollywood glam of yesteryears with some of the waves and updos for which she’s become known as her signature style. Her clean textures and attention to detail is legendary with every strand having a purpose and playing its part as her perfectly designed theme. No one can argue that her styles are beautiful nor that the women she styles feel beautiful and confident after spending time in the chair with Erika. When it comes to working with brides, Erika has an additional talent for instilling calm on their special day with her soft-spoken approach. She loves being a part of the biggest day of their lives and doesn’t want nerves or stress to dampen the mood. Erika has displayed her talents on the heads of models and clients alike at styled shoots, weddings, and special occasions.

Ryan Schneider

Licensed master hair artiste

Ryan Austin Schneider is legendary in the world of big, sexy hair and a true ambassador of beauty for everyone with whom he comes into contact. Why? Because he believes you’re never too good to learn a thing or two to master your craft. Ryan’s pursuit of mastering his craft is felt in his chair as he’s always keenly knowledgeable of the latest trends in color, updos, and other top techniques. Whether it’s 90’s glam style, large bouncy curls, designing wigs for drag queens, or the timeless beauty of yesteryears, Ryan possesses undeniable talent. Despite Ryan’s passion for big, voluminous hair, Ryan’s constant pursuit of excellence and education pays off as he’s able to transform each of his clients’ hair to their desired dream hair fantasy. He’s particularly adept at “before and after” transformation experiences, mixing classic beauty with top trends. He’s a graduate of Aveda Institute of Columbus and has honed his craft for over 13 years. His talents have been showcased on the heads of many headliners throughout the nation, including at the Columbus Hair Show with the product line, Rock Your Hair, the Columbus Wedding Expo featuring his hair designs, and so much more. Brides love Ryan’s special attention to mastering updos and timeless beauty. He specializes in special occasions and formal events, while also having a way of making a regular “cut and color” feel like a red carpet unveiling. It’s this magical talent that enables Ryan to ensure that each client leaves his chair feeling better than when they sat down.

Abby Born


Abby Born has been in apart of the cosmetology industry for 7 years. She specializes in hair color, haircutting and event styling. Her passion for the industry comes from the connection she builds with her clients and the creativity within her work. “My favorite part about event styling is getting to be apart of my clients special day that will be in their memories forever.

Laura Work

Licensed master hair artiste

If it had to do with making a woman feel more beautiful, Laura grew up enthralled with it. She gladly accompanied her mother to the hair salon and watched the hustle and bustle of transforming women into more beautiful versions of themselves. Laura became greatly influenced by Paul Mitchell and Nick Arrojo of “What Not to Wear” fame. As she matured in her love of all things Beauty, she discovered she had a particular knack for creating spectacular hair—and this was during the 90’s when nothing less than the most fabulous would do. She was in demand amongst her peers long before her formal education. She was officially trained by the influential Aveda Institute of Columbus in 2008 where she felt inspired by the acceptance of all people and the drive to finding ways to do things better with natural ingredients. It was during this time that she discovered her true passion for helping others feel confident in themselves. Today she leverages that passion into a keen ear, as she listens to the desires of the brides she works with in order to make the best solution for them on their important day. She loves being a part of the bridal team that creates those forever memories. She’s uses that same passion in working with models in fashion shows, wedding parties, other notable special events and her regular clients. You’ll find Laura to be multi-faceted in her talents in working with hair. She comes off conqueror in lush, natural looks as well as fashion colors and fantasy designs reminiscent of Viking days. But most importantly you will find Laura capable of matching how her clients feel on the inside with what she designs for them on the outside. Laura owns her own salon in Clintonville, is married with a cat named Kevin and a dog named Reba.

Jenni Brook


Jenni Brook brings nearly 25 years’ experience as a hair artist, specifically specializing in the area of bridal hair and other special occasions. Her life-long love of hair began as a teen when she was only 16 and began doing the hair of her friends for prom and homecoming. A few years later she found herself in demand in the tri-state area for bridal hair design for several years. Today she shares her expertise with 614 Beauty as one of their seasoned experts in their bridal hair team. Jenni specializes in Hollywood waves and updos and polished blow outs. She loves the way that it makes someone feel about themselves and the relationships that she builds with them during this transformational process of beauty. She particularly enjoys the bridal hair design experience—to be sealed into the memories of such a beautiful day is a true joy in her life. As the middle child, Jenni finds herself a calm voice of reason and uses that talent as she calms frazzled nerves on big days. She communicates very well with her clients and actively listens in order to deliver a stress-free experience. All she wants her clients to remember is how beautiful they felt on their special day.

Sadie Young

Social Media Manager / Copywriter

If you've ever read our blogs or seen our social media posts, then you are already acquainted with Sadie's work. She graduated from BYUI with a degree in English-Professional Writing. Sadie has been an avid reader and writer pretty much forever and has been collecting book boyfriends since the ripe old age of seven. She loves traveling to far off countries or being holed up in a cabin in the woods reading. She is a massive Star Wars fan and might be slowly becoming a Disney adult.

Melinda Everman-Moore

Nurse Practitioner

Melinda Everman-Moore is a Nurse Practitioner Specialist based out of Columbus, Ohio. She graduated with honors in 2015. Having more than 8 years of practice as a nurse practitioner, she loves helping patients look and feel their best. Medical services provided under the supervision of Dr. James Dunnan.