Michelle Brown

Master Makeup Artiste

28 years ago, as a budding actress, Michelle Brown was required to attend a Theater Makeup 101 class. That night changed the trajectory of her life from that of an aspiring star in front of the lights to one of fulfillment and great satisfaction behind the lights as a makeup artist. Michelle was hooked and felt like she had found her true calling in life. She eagerly pursued her education to master her craft and even grew to impress some of the biggest names in the industry being tapped to work alongside Laura Mercier in the early years of the launch of her company. Michelle also went on to freelance for brands such as Bobbi Brown and Chanel. As Michelle’s expertise grew in all the possible areas of makeup and beauty transformations her attention was directed towards creating a perfect canvas on which to work through quality skin care. For several years Michelle served as the lead makeup artist and skin care specialist for a prestigious central Ohio plastic surgeon’s office where she mastered her skillset for skin care to complement her skills in beauty revitalized. These skills were vital to complimenting the exacting work that was performed on the clientele of the office. Michelle has also taught countless master classes in both makeup techniques as well as skin care secrets to make one feel ageless.

When working with Michelle you’ll no doubt be greeted by a large enveloping hug which will clearly communicate the way she intends to work with you—intimate and in a way that’s uniquely you. Her approach to all makeup is to make her clients feel wholly transformed in a way that makes them feel like their true selves while being timeless. As such you’ll discover that Michelle is a keen observer of the beauty habits of her clients and will go to great lengths to ensure that the finished transformation is one that remains true to the real beauty found within each of her subjects. A style that’s naturally enhanced without feeling heavy-handed or trendy is what each of her clients can expect to enjoy. While in high demand for working on the entire bridal party, Michelle has a special spot in her heart for working on the Mother of the Bride and/or Groom. She believes that it’s just as much a treasured day for them as it is for the bride and she’s particularly adept at creating an ageless transformation for more mature skin and looks. Michelle’s deepest and dearest wish is for each of her clients to walk away feeling transformed in the most beautiful way that they have always seen themselves. This comes from Michelle’s innate ability to really read her clients and to pick up on some of the most subtle of clues. One thing is for certain, there’s nothing subtle about the finished look that her clients walk away with. They not only end up with a flattering appearance, but they end up discovering a superpower in Michelle of keen personalization for which she’s best known.