Gaia Guinourd-Balconi-Weida

Makeup Artiste

When you meet Gaia, you’ll swear she just walked off of one of the biggest fashion runways of the world with her big city feel and swagger. When Gaia was young, she was impressed with the importance of fashion as she was raised by an oh-so-fashionable mother and grandmother. At a young age, Gaia became immersed in Vogue Magazine and fascinated with what fabrics could do for the body. Due to this love and her passion for art, it was only a matter of time before Gaia discovered that makeup could become an art unto itself. Gaia pursued her passion for makeup and fashion and worked with brands such as Sak’s 5 th Ave., Bobbi Brown, NARS, Laura Mercier, Dior, and Mac. She looked to the influences of Lisa Eldridge and Sam Fine, Today Gaia is a painter who loves to work with oil paints as well as digital painting. She loves all forms of art and fashion and immerses herself in such art forms in true fulfillment of her innate talents. Her abilities to transform a person’s best part of themselves is merely an extension of that passion for artful expression. Her artistry flows into her makeup, giving her a unique technique and skillset in the form of a great brush hand of precision and confidence. Gaia has pursued her love of the art of makeup professionally for ten years. She’s known for being able to perfectly create the intended expression of her clients. Whether it’s bridal glam, masterful theater, drag, fashion drama, runway looks, subdued photography, attention-getting editorials or printed media, Gaia nails it every time. Gaia’s dream is to make art every day in such a way that it inspires people and encourages thoughts and emotions that connect them to her artwork. She aspires for her clients to be beautiful, natural, and confident, and feel like the best version of themselves without sacrificing who they are. In addition to painting, Gaia knits and crochets. She’s a cat mom, a gamer and above all, an artist.