Microchanelling machine in Columbus Ohio

Why does skin age?

Your skin undergoes a lifelong aging process that begins from the moment of your birth. As time passes, it can become increasingly damaged due to various factors such as sun exposure, internal inflammation, and exposure to chemicals. These elements collectively work against the natural resilience your skin once possessed. Unfortunately, as you age, fewer regenerative stem cells survive to effectively repair the constant damage inflicted on your skin. Consequently, fine lines and wrinkles tend to become more noticeable and prominent.

That's where our Microchanneling service comes into play. This specialized treatment is meticulously performed by Nurse Practitioner, Melinda Moore, under the vigilant medical supervision of Dr. James Dunnan. Microchanneling is designed to address and mitigate the signs of aging, working to rejuvenate your skin and combat the effects of time and external factors.

By harnessing the power of Microchanneling, we aim to restore your skin's youthful vitality, helping you maintain a more youthful and radiant complexion. It's a service that's not just about beauty but also about enhancing your skin's health and resilience, ensuring you look and feel your best at any age.

How microchanelling works


Our Microchanneling treatment is a transformative skincare approach that harnesses the power of hundreds of thousands of microchannels to lay the foundation for healthy collagen production. These microchannels are created to stimulate your skin's natural healing response. Each micro-injury triggers an inflammatory healing process, setting in motion the remarkable formation of new collagen over time.
As the healing process unfolds, your skin undergoes a gradual transformation. The accumulation of these healing cycles serves to enhance the surface texture and overall appearance of your skin. This results in a smoother, firmer, and more radiant complexion that exudes youthful vitality.
The beauty of Microchanneling lies in its ability to naturally revitalize your skin from within. By jumpstarting your skin's own regenerative processes, it helps to mitigate the signs of aging and various skin concerns. It's a safe and effective way to achieve a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance, all without the need for invasive procedures or extended downtime.


Our product features human growth-factor serums derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, specifically designed to promote scarless healing. This unique formulation leads to minimal inflammation and faster recovery times, revolutionizing the post-microchanneling experience. The serum is applied immediately following your microchanneling treatment, enhancing the delivery and stimulation of collagen growth. This, in turn, contributes to the improvement of skin thickness, tone, and elasticity.With just one treatment, you can give your skin a transformative boost. Microchanneling serves as an effective means to kickstart your skin's natural collagen and elastin production, which are the fundamental building blocks of healthy, youthful skin. The beauty of this procedure lies in its non-invasiveness and lack of downtime, making it incredibly convenient to incorporate into your busy schedule. Plus, it's entirely safe, eliminating the need for pain medication during or after the procedure.For optimal and lasting results, we recommend scheduling 4-5 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Consistency is key, and to maintain the progress made during your sessions, it's essential to care for your skin with professional products at home. This ensures that your skin continues to thrive and exude the radiance and vitality you desire.
‍‍$250 per session.
Our customer


"I am a 60+ yr old woman who is very pleased with the results after 5 micro channeling treatments. About 80 % of my old acne scars and many wrinkles disappeared. My face was rosy the day of the treatment and then fine the next day. Delcina’s technique is comfortable and she has a super clean private treatment room. My skin also improved by Delcina teaching me about quality skin products."


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