Moisture Sandwiching: A Picnic for Your Skin

Sadie Young
December 28, 2023
Skin Care

Picture a little picnic basket and a soft grassy spot under a tree with a large checkered blanket spread out. You’re in a comfy pair of leggings and a cozy sweater; the fall breeze is cool, but not too cold. Your favorite autumn playlist complete with some Fleetwood Mac is playing softly in the background. You open the basket and there inside are the perfect fixings for a sandwich: Water, serum, toner, moisturizer, face oil, mask. Everything you need for a moisture sandwich! This excellent new hydration trend is definitely all it’s cracked up to be even though I got you excited for a real picnic with actual food. I promise this is just as good as a real sandwich, well almost.

What is moisture sandwiching?

If you’re in tune with skincare trends, you’re way ahead with this one. Moisture sandwiching is the latest and greatest in skin hydration. If you haven’t heard of it, no worries because I’m here to give you all of the details you need. Moisture sandwiching is as simple as it sounds and not really all that revolutionary in terms of intensity. It’s so easy and after you hear about it, kind of a no brainer. It’s essentially layering skin care on top of damp skin to help amplify skin hydration.  It starts with a clean face slightly damp. You’ll want to layer by starting with lighter products and ending with the thickest products.  Apply the most water based product first like a serum or toner, followed by a moisturizer. If you use balms or oils (any sort of occlusive product), you’ll end with that. This layering effect keeps the water trapped for longer and gives humectants more to grasp on to which makes the skin extra hydrated. Score one for moisture! You can do moisture sandwiching with facial products and lip products. Depending on your skin type, you might just go with the dampened skin and the lighter layer because those with acne prone skin need to be more cautious with richer products like balms and oils, but if you have dry skin, layering with the added step is great. Super easy, right? You’ve probably already been doing some version of moisture sandwiching without even knowing! Look at you, you pro. Time for a well earned hair flip. Hold up though, there is a caveat to all of this, sorry! Don’t worry, I’m not going to ruin it, I promise. Remember that thing called the skin barrier? Well, unfortunately, if yours is damaged, it won’t do its job and lock in moisture meaning moisture sandwiching won’t do any good for your skin. Don’t panic though because healing skin barriers is our speciality. It’s obviously important to make sure your skin barrier is healthy and intact, but if it’s not, no worries! We’ll give you some product recs at the end for helping to give your skin that radiant glow it deserves.

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Moisture Sandwiching

Benefits of moisture sandwiching

We pretty much already covered this, but who doesn’t love a little reiteration of amazing things? Moisture sandwiching really helps products penetrate deeper into the skin. All of those rich hydrating products are just that more effective when you add  a little bit of water to the face before continuing with your skincare routine. Who knew water was that powerful? Literally everyone because hello, we’re talking about water.

Product recommendations

Time for some amazing products to enhance your moisture sandwiching. Bonus, a regiment with these products could also help heal your skin barrier. Double bonus, 614 Beauty sells these babies!

Glymed CBD-B3 Facial Mist

Neocutis Hyalis

Epionce Intense Defense Serum

Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream

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