MoCRA: Biggest Change to the Regulation of Cosmetics Since The Beatles Were Still Making Music

Sadie Young
December 3, 2023

Normally we like to get sciency in these blogs, but now we’re about to dip our toes into the legal side of things. Now, before you roll your eyes and click out of this article, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the effect this legal stuff will have on you. We’re talking about MoCRA (Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022) in this article which is a huge new addition to the FDA, the biggest change related to the cosmetics industry since 1966 (the original addition of regulations to cosmetics to the FDA was added in 1938). 1966 people! The beauty industry has changed drastically since then and it was definitely way past time for new regulations. I was shocked that some of these things included weren’t already part of the FDA, but with MoCRA, we’ll start to see some changes for the better.What is MoCRAMoCRA was introduced to the FDA regulations just last year and its effects are still being established in the cosmetics industry. Its intent is to ensure the safety of all of those using cosmetics on a daily basis. Well, yeah I was hoping that had been the case all along too, but I’ll highlight some of the new laws going into effect.New industry requirements include:

  • Adverse Event Reporting: If there are any adverse events (intense allergic reaction, products that cause harm, etc.) in conjunction with products, companies are required to report the events to the FDA within 15 business days of receiving the report.  They are also required to provide additional information (new medical data, etc.) within a year.
  • Facility Registration: Manufacturers and processors are now required to register their facility with FDA. These facilities also include those outside the U.S. that produce products intended for those in the U.S.  Registration is renewed every two years and the FDA has the authority to suspend registration if there is proof of harmful products.
  • Product Listing to FDA: All ingredients must be listed with the FDA and be updated annually, this also includes the location of manufacture and the ingredients of any fragrances or flavors of the products.
  • Product Listing to Consumers: New labeling requirements mandate contact information in cases of adverse events and labeling intended use for professionals. This also includes the addition of fragrance ingredients that are known allergens.
  • Safety Requirements: Companies are required to maintain detailed record-keeping about product safety and documentation of adverse events pertaining to their products. There is also an expanded definition of what is considered an adverse event to include all of the new product technology on the market.  
  • Standardized Testing of Talc- If you all read our asbestos article, you’ll know this is huge! There will now be standardized testing for talc products to detect asbestos.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)- Previously this was “encouraged,” but not required (stupid that it was only encouraged, I know). It ensures the proper quality and safety of products.

What Does This Mean for You?Yeah, that was a lot to unpack, but totally worth it, right? With the addition of MoCRA, cosmetic companies will be held to a higher standard of safety, making it a much better experience as a consumer of beauty products. I might not have known that some of these practices weren’t already in place, but knowing that the industry is changing for the better is a huge relief to my newly opened eyes. I always talk about doing your research and finding products that you know are good and hopefully these new laws will make that process even easier. Don’t hate me for the legal jargon though, okay? Cool.

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