Makeup Classes

Delcina Brown
February 12, 2024

Hey there, makeup lover!

Are Youtube makeup tutorials leaving you feeling confused?  Here are some major benefits of taking a makeup class with our licensed artists even if you're not looking to become a pro makeup artist:

  • Discover your perfect look: A makeup class can help you find the best techniques and products for your unique face and style. You'll learn to enhance your natural beauty and rock a look that suits your style.
  • Feel like a boss at special events: Whether you've got a wedding, class reunion, or other special occasion coming up, a makeup class can help you feel confident and prepared. You'll learn to create various looks, from natural and subtle to bold and dramatic.
  • Skip the makeup store madness: It can be overwhelming to navigate the endless aisles of products at makeup stores, especially when you need more clarification on what you need. A makeup class will teach you about the right products for you without the pressure of a salesperson trying to push a particular brand or product.
  • Enhance your natural beauty: Makeup is about accentuating your best features and making you feel confident. In my makeup classes, you'll learn how to use makeup to enhance your natural beauty and create a polished look.
  • Learn new skills and have a blast: Makeup is a creative outlet that can be super fun and rewarding. A makeup class lets you learn new techniques and have a blast experimenting with different looks.

Are you considering taking a makeup class but need to know which one is right for you? I've got a range of offerings that are sure to suit your needs and interests:

  • Ageless Beauty: This class is perfect for those over 40 who want a timeless, classic look that will never go out of style. We'll focus on techniques that will help you enhance your natural beauty and look great every day.
  • Makeup 101: This class is designed with the beginner in mind. You will not only walk away with new knowledge, but feel confident in approaching this task on your own by using our techniques as a guide for future practices.
  • Flawless Face: This class is all about creating an everyday makeup look that's classic but not too over-the-top. We'll focus on professional techniques like Skin Prep before makeup to help you achieve a polished, put-together look that's perfect for any occasion.
  • Teen /Preteen Beauty: If you've got a teenager struggling with overdone makeup, this class is for them. We'll focus on the fundamentals of makeup application, helping them build a solid foundation for their future beauty routines.
  • DIY Bride: Are you planning your own wedding and want to do your own makeup? I can help! This class will focus on techniques that will help you look great for the camera and feel confident on your big day. Learn all my secrets as a professional makeup artist.
  • Makeup for the Professional: This class is designed for those who went to esthetics or cosmetology school and received little or no training in makeup.
  • Business Practices for the Professional: In this class, Delcina Brown will go over what it takes to create and run a successful makeup company. We will cover the basics such as how to choose a company name, design a logo, buy a domain, build a website and choose the appropriate business entity.
  • Advanced Makeup for the Professional: If you are ready to advance your skills, then let us guide you. You will watch the instructor apply makeup on a model and then you will apply makeup on a model to demonstrate each look. We make sure you feel confident in your skills before leaving!

Don't wait – book your spot in one of my makeup classes now and take the first step toward discovering your best self!

Schedule your class here.

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