MYO Companion Palette Tall

$ 28.00 USD

Create custom eyeshadow palettes, store blushes, powders, highlighters, and more. New features: ✔️ Slightly wider and longer to accommodate those BIG pans (MAC Studio Fix) ✔️ Different material -> back to our tried and true Pro MYO Travel Case material + robust hinges = durable!! ✔️ All the same length to create a cohesive kit!! ________ ✔️ organize, store and condense your makeup ✔️ eliminate significant weight in your pro kit by de-potting large, bulky packaging ✔️ available in 4 sizes to fit all your makeup storage needs ✔️ add MYO Makeup Pods to organize and store cream or gel products Fill and customize with our Makeup Tools and Accessories including MYO Makeup Pods to hold gel liners, lipsticks, loose powders, glitters, creams and liquids.