Erica Taft

Licensed Master Hair Artiste

Erika is a driving force to be reckoned with. At a young age she knew she had a talent for transforming hair into an expression of beauty and nothing was going to stop her from using that talent. So she took on her first wedding at the age of only 15. From that moment she was hooked on that special experience and wanted to repeat it over and over. She had truly found her passion. While still in high school she obtained her cosmetologist license. Not content, she pushed herself to get the attention and tutelage of some of the best hair artists in town and with their help she developed her innate talents. Her youth belies her ability to take her clients back to the old Hollywood glam of yesteryears with some of the waves and updos for which she’s become known as her signature style. Her clean textures and attention to detail is legendary with every strand having a purpose and playing its part as her perfectly designed theme. No one can argue that her styles are beautiful nor that the women she styles feel beautiful and confident after spending time in the chair with Erika. When it comes to working with brides, Erika has an additional talent for instilling calm on their special day with her soft-spoken approach. She loves being a part of the biggest day of their lives and doesn’t want nerves or stress to dampen the mood. Erika has displayed her talents on the heads of models and clients alike at styled shoots, weddings, and special occasions.