Hydrodermabrasion Facial


Hydrodermabrasion is the latest technology in skincare, offering excellent results with no downtime. This amazing treatment removes dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin, simultaneously infusing it with ingredients based on the skin’s needs. It also stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow, resulting in healthier and younger looking skin. This innovative treatment is the new alternative for sensitive skin types looking for a gentle yet effective exfoliation. The combination of water and exfoliation provides a quicker and more comfortable service, in addition to providing similar results as traditional microdermabrasion. Hydrodermabrasion is effective on all skin types including those with aging, blemished and uneven skin tone. Experience the next level in facial rejuvenation with this advanced hydro-therapy facial that polishes and resurfaces the skin. A gentle cleansing, exfoliation, steam treatment, vitamins and nutrients will leave your complexion looking healthy, smooth, radiant and younger looking.


Rejuvenate your skin with the benefits of a hydrodermabrasion exfoliation and extractions. This serum powerful ingredients help to combat aging skin, oily and acne prone skin types, fine lines and wrinkles to achieve an even tone, smoother texture, and an overall rejuvenated appearance.
This high-performance revitalizing serum penetrates deep into the skin's surface and provides intensive moisture while helping to refine its texture.
Transform your skin with cold therapy for a firmer, more lifted appearance. The use of an ice-cold cryo wand is the perfect solution for reducing puffiness, improving circulation and boosting collagen production.
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