What Are Peptides and Why Are They So Good For Your Skin?

Sadie Young
December 20, 2023
Skin Care

Peptide Power!

Peptides are seriously the greatest, okay, the GOAT of skincare for sure! I’ve mentioned peptides in passing, but why not go for a deep dive because they are obviously super important, not just in the skincare realm, but in our overall health as well. You know how much we love collagen and you often see the two (peptides and collagen) linked together in the skincare world. Why? Because in order for collagen to be created, it requires peptides! So what exactly do peptides have to do with skin health?

What are peptides?

Science time! Peptides are found in every human cell acting as a biological messenger. They are made up of strings of amino acids that make up the proteins in our bodies. Peptides are the foundational building blocks for our skin, making essential skin saving proteins like collagen (told you that you can’t have one without the other). As we know, collagen is essential in helping improve skin firmness and elasticity, and can help prevent or improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides are also key in maintaining moisture in the skin and hair. Not too sciency, right? Good!

Peptides in skincare

All of this sounds great, right? Don’t worry, there isn’t a “but” coming. We love us some peptides and we’ll help you figure out how to incorporate them into your skincare routine. First, what you need to know is that there are different types of peptides and they all have different functions in the skincare world.

Neurotransmitter Peptides– relax facial muscles to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines (Botox uses this type of peptide)

Signal Peptides- These are the most common peptides in skincare and help the skin appear firmer by stimulating collagen production

Carrier Peptides– reduces inflammation, stimulates hair follicles, helps heal wounds, decreases the look of age spots, scars, and other skin issues. Carrier peptides (especially copper) are an excellent ingredient for skin care because they help generate and maintain collagen.

Enzyme-Inhibitor Peptides– These peptides work to stop the body’s depletion of collagen. They improve skin tone, increase collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and relax facial muscles (similarly to neuropeptides)

Peptides are essential in skincare starting in your early 30’s to help limit signs of aging. Anti-aging properties? Of course we want those in our routines! Finding the right peptide-infused products can seem daunting, but we’ve got a few excellent choices for you! The best products will also contain niacinamide, vitamin C and antioxidants too! These all work together to improve the signs of aging. At 614 Beauty we have lots of killer peptide rich products!

Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream

Epionce Columbus Ohio
Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream

“An ultra-rich cream, Intensive Nourishing Cream provides superior hydration for all skin types”

Glymed Age Delay Cream

“Daily use stimulates cell detoxification, delays cellular aging, and boosts skin cell energy for skin that’s left smooth, radiant and glowing.”

Glymed Peptide Serum

“This cellular defense protection cream reduces DNA oxidation, neutralizes free radicals and increases antioxidant capacity within cells to fight against environmental and chronological aging.”

Glymed Atraxi Peptide

“The ultimate age-defying moisturizer supports skin health with a concentrated royal peptide blend designed to slow down the aging process, normalize cell turnover, and brighten the skin’s overall appearance.”

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