Is a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist Really Worth It?

Sadie Young
December 20, 2023

Planning your big day is all kinds of stressful. The to-do list can seem endless with venues and flowers and dresses and catering and massive headaches to top it all off. You might even be asking yourself what sort of things you can just let slide. You don’t really need a wedding makeup artist, do you?

Absolutely, without a doubt, YES you do!

What is the one thing you look back on to help remember and spark joy of that day (other than your loving partner of course)? The photos of your amazing Columbus wedding bring all the little tingles of nostalgia and happiness. You want to make sure you look and feel amazing on your wedding day so you can treasure the moments the rest of your life.

Hiring an amazing wedding makeup artist should be a must on your list and here’s why:

You get what you pay for

Bottom line with services, especially in the wedding makeup industry, you get what you pay for. Deals are amazing and finding someone’s best friend’s cousin to do your makeup and hair for your wedding might sound like a good deal at first, but if you want an artist with experience, who is licensed and insured, you are going to pay more for their expertise than a newer artist with cheaper prices.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Columbus Ohio
Wedding Hair and Makeup. Photo Juniper and Pine

Professionalism and contractual peace of mind

I can’t tell you how many Columbus brides we’ve had come to 614 Beauty with horror stories of their artists cancelling at the last minute or not following up after an initial contact. When you put your trust in a professional artist rather than someone who just does makeup as a hobby, you are ensuring a safer, guaranteed experience. 614 Beauty contracts with all of our brides, giving you the peace of mind and professionalism you deserve for your big day.

Bridal Hair and Makeup Columbus Ohio
Wedding Hair and Makeup. Photo Pasternack & Co.

Expertise and longevity

If makeup is art, then wedding makeup is painting. Just because someone is an artist, doesn’t mean they know how to paint. The same goes with makeup artists as a whole. Wedding makeup has its own nuances and specialties, meaning, when you plan your beautiful Columbus wedding, you need someone that knows exactly what they’re doing.

614 Beauty artists are all licensed professionals with the know-how needed to make a bride look and feel amazing.

Wedding makeup needs to last through the plague essentially: tears, smashed cake, and everything in between. You want an artist that knows exactly what makeup and tools to use to ensure your wedding look stays put without touch-ups the whole day. We use products that are all of the highest quality with tried and tested ingredients. Combined with our expertise, your wedding day makeup will be perfect.

Knowledgeable wedding makeup artists (like us, of course) pay attention to the minute details. There are other important factors to consider with wedding makeup. For one, makeup will look different in different lighting, on camera, and on film. We know how your makeup will look in these situations. If your photographer tends to edit more light and airy, then you will need more makeup on for it to show up in photos. We understand all of this.

Bridal hair and makeup
Wedding Hair and Makeup. Photo Marissa Belle Photography


Weddings are hectic, and having professionals helping out with your makeup will help alleviate the stress. 614 Beauty has done this for decades. We have gone to school and are all trained in sanitation. We will show up on time and get everyone done on time. We know what and what not to do on wedding days, and can read a room and act accordingly. This all comes with experience in the Columbus makeup artist scene. It’s important that you make sure you have a team you’re in good communication with and get prompt replies from. Do a trial, become comfortable with your artist, and be confident with their skills when your big day arrives.

Main Photo: Jessica Miller Photography

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