Have You Heard About Double Cleansing?

Sadie Young
December 11, 2023
Skin Care

Have You Heard About Double Cleansing?

Okay, not going to lie, I’d never heard of double cleansing before writing this, but I’m convinced now (thanks 614 Beauty)! Let’s attribute it to sweeping your dirty floors before you mop. The whole point of cleansing your skin is to get it clean and prepped, right? When you double cleanse, you are ensuring that all of the dirt, dead skin cells, and sebum are removed to help your other products penetrate deeper and do what they are meant to do.

What cleansers should I use?

The trick with double cleansing isn’t just to wash your face twice, but to tailor a skin care routine to match your needs.

Your first cleanser should be oil based to break down leftover makeup, remove excess oils, and melt away sebum and pollutants. It does the sweeping job, preparing your skin for the second cleanse.

The second cleanser is the one that targets whatever skin problem you might be struggling with such as acne, hydration, or exfoliation. Because your first cleanse clears away the debris, your second will penetrate the skin more effectively. Which is obviously what we all want!

Try PCA Daily Cleansing Oil, Epionce Gentle Foaming Cleanser or Skinbetter Cleansing Gel

How do I double cleanse?

Many of us (me included) tend to wash our faces as quickly as possible, like 15-20 seconds, but in order for your first cleanser to really remove all it’s supposed to, you need to be washing your face for 60 seconds. I definitely need to work on this.

Your first cleanser should be applied to a dry face and massaged into your skin before adding water.

Doing both of these things softens the skin and dissolves sebum blockages better and the texture and overall evenness of your skin improves.

After your first cleanse, you can repeat the steps with the second cleanser then apply toner.

Why toner?

Toners are a great next step after a double cleanse because they help balance a skin’s pH levels. Even after washing your face twice, some oil or debris can be left behind (seriously? But I just did it twice!), but toner helps to refine the skin after cleansing. It acts as a hydrator for your skin and a primer for the rest of your skincare routine so I’d say it’s a must in your daily regimen.

Using a toner can have many benefits, upgrading your routine. Not only does it increase hydration, but the added nutrients can brighten a dull complexion, clean out clogged pores, and remove dull surface cells for more even skin.

Toner can be used in both your morning and evening routines (depending on your skin type). Those with more sensitive skin should stick to just the evening so as to remove all the dirt and makeup from the day. It is ideal to incorporate toner into your skincare routine immediately following double cleansing.

Try GlyMed CBD Facial Mist or Epionce Balancing Toner

Alright double cleanse and toner, you’ve convinced me! My skin is for sure going to thank me for it.

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