The 10-Minute Glowing Skin Makeup Routine

Sadie Young
December 3, 2023

Want to know the number one look we, at 614 Beauty, get asked about for makeup? It’s for natural, glowy skin! Not surprising? Yeah, we know. But, did you also know that the secret to a glowy makeup look, starts with a solid skincare routine? Oh, you knew that too? Well, cool. What are you reading beauty blogs for then?! Kidding, obviously. Let’s circle back to that glowy skin and makeup routine and maybe, you’ll just learn something new!

We’ve established that a proper skincare routine ensures seamless makeup application, helping you create the look you’ve always wanted. It’s like starting with a clean, blank canvas. An artist looking to create a masterpiece starts with the best materials, right? The same should apply to makeup. If you want that coveted look, we start with the skin and go from there. As skin and makeup professionals, 614 Beauty, has taken the guesswork out of your dewy skincare and makeup routine and created your new go-to process for that optimal look.

We know there are a plethora of glowy makeup routines out there, but we (for obvious reasons) are partial to our own 10 minute guide. We would hate to leave you in the dark to scour the internet for trends that probably should have stayed in 2002 (I’m talking to you, thin eyebrows). So let’s stick with this one! There are a few key glow routine musts, the holy grails, if you will, that help provide you with the best opportunity to achieve that perfectly sunkissed “I’m not wearing any makeup,” look. Our professional estheticians, with exceptional makeup application experience, have put together their golden list for an easy, tried and true “10-Minute Glowing Skin Makeup Routine.”

Exfoliate dead skin away

Our skin goes through a process of continually producing new skin cells. Dead skin cells collect on the surface of the epidermis causing flakiness and dryness . As we age, our skin cells produce at an even slower rate, and our skin becomes thinner and weaker which is when those fine lines begin to occur. Regular exfoliation helps to stimulate new healthy skin cell growth.

Try this! Sonia Roselli Sexapeel. A 614 Beauty fave!

Moisturize (and don't forget SPF!)

Moisturizing is the best friend of exfoliation. You want both together to create that smooth surface primed and ready for makeup. SPF is also extremely important as the sun causes irreversible damage and stimulates signs of early aging in the skin.

Try this! Apply Mystro with Trio for a BEAUTIFUL glow! Also try Glymed CBD Mist, great to use as a toner, and to refresh skin throughout the day.

Apply tinted moisturizer or tinted SPF all over

Tinted moisturizer gives you that summer glow without feeling too heavy or made up. It’s a great alternative to traditional foundation especially in the heat of the season.

Try This! Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Pat color corrector under tge eyes to brighten any darkness

I know I’m not the only one with perpetual dark circles under my eyes! We live in the middle of 50-hour-work-week-only-two-weeks’-vacation America, so we need all the under eye help we can get. Color corrector is like a secret weapon for even, glowy skin!

Try this! Bobbi Brown Color Correctors

Get your bronze goddess on

Swipe cream (or powder) bronzer across forehead, down the nose, on the apples of the cheeks and along the chin (where you would get color if you laid out in the sun).  Also Apply bronzer on eyelids or crease.

Bronzer is our cheat code for sunkissed skin! No damaging sun required.

Try this! Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand

Apply cream blush on the apples of the cheeks

Cream blush works in tandem with all of these products and is a good alternative over powdered blush when trying for the dewy, natural look.

Try this! Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Blush. Southbound is our favorite!


Line in between lashes with a waterproof black eyeliner   This little trick gives the look of fuller lashes and having an eyeliner on without all the fuss.

Try this! Tightline with Senna Ultra Last Eyeliner in black. This stuff will NOT MOVE!

Curl lashes and applpy mascara

Mascara is always a must, and curling lashes beforehand, helps build out the volumizing shape you want to achieve.

Try this! Lancôme Idôle Volumizing Mascara

Finish off with tinted lip balm or gloss

Subtle color and moisture to the lips adds the perfect finishing touch to your glow routine.

Try this! Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Gloss

Told you, you’d learn something new!

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