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Classic eye lash extension in Columbus Ohio

Full classic set

Experience the timeless allure of classic lash extensions, the original and most renowned type of lash enhancement. With this method, a single lash extension is meticulously applied to each of your natural lashes, resulting in a look that is both understated and effortlessly elegant.

Classic lash extensions offer a more subtle and refined appearance compared to other extension techniques. While they may be considered less dramatic, they provide a beautifully defined look that accentuates your natural beauty. The result is a fluttery, feminine gaze that enhances your eyes without overwhelming your features.

If you're seeking a lash extension style that exudes sophistication and complements your unique allure, classic lashes are the perfect choice. Discover the timeless beauty of classic lash extensions, where we craft lashes that leave a lasting impression.


Full hybrid set

Elevate your lash game with hybrid lashes, the perfect fusion of classic and volume lash techniques. These lashes offer you the best of both worlds, delivering more length and volume than classic lashes, while maintaining a balanced fullness that falls between classic and volume.

Hybrid lashes are the ideal choice for those seeking a versatile lash style. They provide a slightly fuller and more expressive look than classic lashes, making them perfect for enhancing your natural beauty without veering into the dramatic effect of full-volume lashes.

With hybrid lashes, you can enjoy the benefits of both classic and volume extensions, achieving a look that strikes the perfect balance between elegance and allure. Experience the versatility of hybrid lashes and discover how they can elevate your lash game to new heights.

Full hybrid eye lash extension Columbus Ohio
Full volume eye lash extension in Columbus Ohio

Full volume set

Transform your lashes with volume lash extensions, the ultimate choice for achieving luxuriously full and dramatic lashes. Perfect for those with sparse or thin natural lashes, volume lash extensions take your lash game to the next level.

Our skilled lash artists in Columbus, Ohio, specialize in creating handmade lash fans by meticulously grouping multiple lightweight lash extensions together. Unlike classic lashes, where one extension is applied per natural lash, volume lashes provide a fuller, more voluminous appearance that exudes glamour and sophistication.

Experience the allure of voluminous lashes that make your eyes pop and leave a lasting impression. Volume lash extensions are the go-to choice for a bold and dramatic lash look that enhances your beauty effortlessly.


Lash fills

A lash fill is your secret to maintaining that fresh and full lash line that you adore. During this appointment, your skilled stylist will work their magic to rejuvenate your lashes. They'll carefully replace any long or overgrown lash extensions with new ones, ensuring a consistent and glamorous look.

In addition to refreshing existing extensions, your stylist will apply extensions to new lashes and any natural lashes that have lost their extensions over time. The result? A lush and captivating lash line that enhances your beauty.

For those who crave the ultimate fullness factor, consider a full refill. This deluxe option includes the application of 25–45 new extensions per eye, guaranteeing a breathtaking and voluminous appearance. If you desire even more lashes, consult with your stylist about the possibility of adding 10, 20, or even 30 extra lashes to achieve your dream look.

It's important to note that we naturally shed about 20% of our natural lashes every two weeks. This is why we recommend scheduling lash refills every other week to ensure that your lash line stays consistently full and fabulous.

To qualify for the lash fill price, it's crucial to book your refill within 2-3 weeks of your previous appointment. Anything longer than that will require a full set to achieve the desired results. So, keep your lash game strong by staying consistent with your lash fill appointments, and enjoy the stunning and captivating lashes you've always wanted.

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Eye lash extension fills in Columbus Ohio
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